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When I was on a layover in Taiwan last month, I was excited to see that Taoyuan Airport had a vending machine for postcards and envelopes with stamps already attached for instant mailing. However, my postally devoted heart sank when the only English word I could find on the machine was "Stamps" and nothing else. It didn't have English instructions for non-Chinese travelers to avail of the pre-stamped postcards. The only slot looks like it only takes coins, not bills or credit cards. Therefore, it probably doesn't print out receipts like an Epson receipt printer would. MTA card vending machines all over New York City's subways would print out receipts, but then those allowed credit/debit card transactions.

I ended up buying postcards and Jimmy Liao stuff at the Duty Free giftshop. I was utterly lost in translation with that postcard machine.

In other stamp-related news, today the US Postal Service is issuing these "Sunday Funnies" stamps! (Being the stamp geek that I am, I just bought a sheet!) It has Comic Strip Classics like Beetle Bailey, Calvin & Hobbes, Archie, Garfield, & Dennis the Menace! Which one is your favorite? As a cat-lover, mine would have to be Garfield! I even loved watching the cartoon series.

I recall how a friend bought a bunch of Archie comics on Ebay three years ago, and I had shipped it to her. Last time we met in Manila in May this year, she confessed that she hasn't finished reading half the lot.

As a kid, I remember how an aunt kept a big scrapbook of Dennis the Menace comics clipped from the newspaper. Today, I clip comic strips with jokes or themes I can relate to from such titles as "Mutts," "Rhymes With Orange," "Non Sequitur," "Get Fuzzy," "Heart of the City," just to name a few. Hmm, actually, that "short list" seems a bit long already. I absolutely love getting the Sunday paper, because that's when these comic strips come in their full colored glory!

 [stamp image from USPS.com]

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Kayni said...

wow, i would have loved to have purchased the letter set there. most of my letter sets come from Taiwan, Korea or Japan. that's really convenient if it's all in English...lol.

Aimee said...

What a great postal vending machine! My son and I love to read the comics. We are excited about the new stamps...will have to buy those next time!

Snap said...

Great vending machine. Too bad it didn't *translate* for you! I love the new stamps ... going to pick some up Monday. Happy PFF!

Joy said...

Love the vending machine, pity no 'right click' to translate. I have enough trouble with machine instructions in English to attempt this one.

Linda said...

I'd go with the Calvin and Hobbes stamps. Happy PFF!

Paul van Yperen said...

Love the vending machine too. Great idea. And like Linda I go with the Calvin and Hobbes stamps, but I did enjoy Beetle Bailey as a kid too. Happy PFF.

Sreisaat said...

Sayang ang vendo-machine na yan! I heart your Garfield and Archie stamps. I used to have a (small) collection of Archie comic books bought from secondhand bookshops. Happy PFF... I forgot to join this week :C

Dorincard said...

Vending machines are a convenient way for many. Not for me. I want more products to choose from. Viva variety. :)

Beth Niquette said...

Wow! What will they think of next???

Tch tch tch--I'm too much of an old-fashioned girl, I guess! lol

Happy PFF!

Clytie said...

This brings back a memory of being in Italy at the train station and trying to buy a train ticket ... with no English instructions - and only coins accepted. We ended up putting in coin after coin until someone told us you had to buy a special token somewhere else!

Happy PFF!

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