Oh To Be A Kid Again


Can you spot the real child in this photo of a sculpture of carefree children cavorting in front of Chicago's Navy Pier?

Life was simpler when I was younger. Life was a bunch of games. Now life is one big complicated game with complicated rules and the constant possibility of injuries that a Band-Aid just can't heal. 


That's me trying to save the little girl from tripping. In vain. We all get our share of scratches and scars. And pimples that we try to banish with ointments that come in jars. I don't think acnepril existed during my adolescence. But I worried about other things when I was in highschool.

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

so many times i wish i could be a kid again with just simple worries. adulthood can be a curse filled with stress, problems...and more. (sigh)

kg said...

like kayni, there are also times i want to be young again, when your only problems were where you put your toys or how you would fake sleep again. i also like the way children view things, with such innocence. if we adults could only do the same.

Anonymous said...

You look so cool with your umbrella! Sure looks like fun.

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