addicted to archie

my friend in the philippines is having a bidding/shopping spree on ebay for old archie comic books. ever read these pocket-sized comics way back in high school about the red-haired, freckle-faced american boy archie andrews and his two rival girlfriends veronica lodge and betty cooper? my friend did. i was only able to read the archie comics when i hung out at my rich neighbor's house across the street in elementary.

my ebay-happy friend has won multiple lots of such comics, but the sellers send them to my address since most of them ship only within the U.S. i, in turn, send them to my friend in the philippines. one seller shipped 79 archie comics in this dog food box! well, god bless him for recycling such a box.

i mailed the first lot today, all 60 of them crammed in USPS' international priority mail flat rate box. their boxes come in two sizes, but i used the rectangular one. the weight limit for their international flat rate box is 20 lbs., and this one weighed about half of that limit. the cost of mailing such box internationally is $37. transit time is 6-10 business days.

here is our cat, flay, personally inspecting the roominess and inside dimensions of the deep-version flat rate box.

i hope my friend gets the box safe and sound at her local post office. she will probably feel like a kid opening christmas presents when she opens the box. i also hope the postal employee does not damage the comics when she opens it for her. the box will undoubtedly be subject to inspection.

on a side note: it's my father's birthday today! we actually had his party in advance last saturday here at our house.

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