Fine Felines

I was reunited with two cats this year. One was in the Philippines, the "Kitchen Cat" that I saw in Capiz province two years ago. Funny how I found him in the very same spot--the kitchen sink, last May.

He looks older now. 

And the kitten I saw in Illinois about eight months ago is now a grown cat, photographed just last month.

See how she likes being rubbed on the chin? That right there is worthy of being displayed on a digital frame, along with other awe-inspiring photos.

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

both are cute...that cat near the sink has very strong facial features.

Oman said...

cute felines. maybe they should meet and fall inlove :)

Kate said...

kitchen sink cat is the cutest :D btw, ang laki na ng kitten. what a great photo of her :)

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