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i've been showered with virtual awards from the lovely msray from hawaii--the recent one being the "pink sisterhood." thank you, msray!

october was breast cancer awareness month. in may of this year, we lost a dear family friend to breast cancer. i had written and delivered her eulogy, and even sang at her funeral.

i was also tagged by msray to do eight random facts about myself. i had just done 7 random facts for miss igorota, in case you're interested.

here goes mine:

1. i have a thing for accents. british accents, especially. i sometimes mimick foreign accents to see if i can pass for a local. i loved hearing the brits speak when i was in london last year. i also loved how they always use the word "luv" when conversing with you. "what would you like to drink, luv?" "thanks, luv!" luv, luv, luv..."all you need is luv!", so crooned the beatles, who are also british. at the museum of london, i bought this little book about "cockney slang" just out of curiosity.

2. i like looking at fashion brochures and store catalogues that come in the mail mostly for the way the photos are shot, the colors and patterns. my favorite fashion "look-book" is by j.crew store. i'm a visual person, which is why i love photography.

3. i subscribe to conde nast traveller magazine. someday i'd like to be a hardcore traveler.

4. i watched a lot of broadway shows this year: "mamma mia!", "legally blonde," "spamalot," "chicago," "avenue q," and "the 39 steps." i never pay full price for the tickets, but i get good orchestra seats! i also collect the playbills from these shows. my next goal is to be as close to the stage as possible to see daniel radcliffe naked at his broadway play, "equus"! haha.

5. i hate math! my mind spaces out when i'm confronted with numbers, but i can compute simple sales discounts in my head when shopping, such as "75% off" or "50% off."

6. i hate driving, unless i really have to. i prefer to be the passenger. haha.

7. i like to browse greeting cards at carlton cards and hallmark to see the art, rhyming words and humor they come up with for each occasion. again, fodder for my eyes. i have points cards for each card store.

8. i love snail mail. i have a stash of stationery and stickers for this purpose. i also love sending out and getting christmas cards.

3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

Daniel Radcliffe naked... luv?!

Anonymous said...

does keira knightley have a british accent? well, then, i love british accents, too. one other word that the british love to say is "bloody." i don't know why.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: you got it! haha...i'm luvin' it!

plaridel: yes, keira does...i'm sure you're aware about british accents having different sounds, as someone had pointed out in your blog before. have you seen her in "the atonement"?

and yes, "bloody" is another favorite word of theirs. bloody this, bloody that. there's actually a wiki page discussing the origin of that "mild expletive". :P

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