pugad baboy's 20th anniversary special!

my favorite section in any newspaper is the comics/humor section, and one of my favorite filipino comic strips is "pugad baboy" by the witty pol medina, jr.

i always read his comic strips in the philippine daily inquirer about this obese family, their wisecracking dog "polgas" and their motley crew of neighbors in a little town called "pugad baboy" (which translates to "pig's nest," accurately describing its inhabitants).

i brought with me some of his comicbook compilations as "comfort books." when i found out that his 20th pugad baboy book was just released, i excitedly requested a friend to get it for me at national bookstore.

she had flown in to california from the philippines recently. the book came in the mail today and i was delighted to have it in my hands! it's a bigger book, sized 8 1/2 x 11", 114 pages. the book had cost P400 or around $8.

in between the comics pages are some interesting tidbits of how mr. medina, jr. started his cartooning career and the actual people that inspired some of his characters. even her young daughter, a budding artist, shares in the spotlight with her own comic strips. the book celebrates twenty years of poking fun at philippine life as lived by the "pugad baboy" residents.

his celebratory foreword reads,

"Tingnan mo nga naman ano?! ‘Yung inumpisahan ko bilang pantawid-gutom e dalawampung taon ko nang kina-career.

Nakaka-bente na ako. Yeheeeeey!"

i haven't read the whole book yet, but i'm sure i'll be laughing like an idiot.

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gingmaganda said...

laughing like an idiot. hahaha.

exact same thing happened to me when i first read Pugad Baboy. i was in a UP Katipunan Jeep then and suddenly my seatmate (who was a complete stranger) started laughing, like an idiot, too. hehe.

 gmirage said...

Galing nga naman, naka 20 years na, sikat na sila! =D

Congrats kay pol!

Anonymous said...

it makes me proud to hear about filipino writers making it. boy medina, jr. deserves all the adulation. conrado de quiros, too. i find the latter's mastery of the english language very profound. and don't forget your friend ging. she may not be there yet, but she's on her way. there's a certain sadness in her joyful outlook in life that will propel her to greater heights.

Sidney said...

Yes...the guy is good!

Four-eyed-missy said...

Wow - 20 years na ang PB!! Nakabili din ako ng ilang books niya pero hindi lahat e. Good to know may 20th na na-release na -- uuwi si bro kaya pabili ako sa kanya. Isa pa sa mga paborito kong komiks characters ay si Ikabod Bubwit, namana ko pa sa nanay ko ang libro niya.

fortuitous faery said...

ging! looks like i'm not your only fan! :)

zj: yup, i also grew up reading those...minsan may nakikita pa rin ako sa national bookstore dati.

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