merrymixit from gap

sure, the holidays are heavily commercialized. but ads such as this one by gap give me the warm fuzzies. it's rainn wilson..the guy who plays the anal-retentive dwight schrute in the comedy tv series "the office."

he even has a christmas music video on gap's website with selma blair (who played elle woods' law school nemesis on "legally blonde", and now stars as the immature daughter on the new comedy "kath & kim") where they sing the classic and romantic song "baby it's cold outside."

you can also watch other christmas music videos "remixed" by the dixie chicks, jason biggs ("american pie"), jon heder ("napoleon dynamite") and others at gap.com/merrymixit.

p.s. sometimes it's frustrating when certain clothes look great on celebrity endorsers/models/store mannequins but look silly when worn by normal people, like me. haha.

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Sidney said...

Indeed... nice commercial!
I am sure you look great in GAP!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ganda ng pullover n scarf nya, gusto ko ang color n style.....at saka yon glove nya....nice!!!!!

ay oo nga, about aldi, dami dito, kasi german ang may ari. parang every town meron nito....

but i like to go, grocery sa lidl, pareha lang cla.
kaya lang lidl may ibang products cla, not only or exclusive sa kanila lang, i mean like kraft, nestle n etc products.
while aldi sa kanila or distributed lang nila.

about banana blossoms, sa asia store marami, at mura lang din, 1.50 mga 200 grms siguro laman sa pkg.

anak ko kakain ng humba, sinigang, behon guisado....sascha, mapili sa pagkain natin,
kim, pinay talaga, madala mo kahit saan, basta hindi lang nakita ang ants or fly na nakikain din sa plate nya....heheh

sonst kakain cya at magkamay pa......

thanks for the visit n comments ha?
appreciated very much.

have a wonderful sunday, there.

naggrocery kana sa aldi?.....

ako kahapon, pero sa lidl.........hehehe

ads na ito ano? may commission tayo.....hahahahah

bye n regards

fortuitous faery said...

i have to carefully plan my outfit to pull it off, sidney! hehe.

vicky: yup, libre promotion ang aldi sa atin...haha.

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