Litratong Pinoy #100: Freestyle (Frosting-style!)


I took my budding cake obsession to the next level by enrolling in cake decorating  classes last month! I was so happy to have done it (this was what my final class cake looked like) that I'm taking the next course this month: flower-making out of royal icing and fondant!

I am crazy about my baby niece that I celebrate every month she becomes older by baking and decorating a cake! This is what I made recently for her 7th month. I used a heart-shaped cake pan and a strawberry-flavored cake batter. I just went wild with the icing decorations, applying the techniques I learned with borders and leaves.

You might notice the LifeSaver candies I used as the flower base. I had sprinkled the number 7 with butterfly candy confetti. 

I am anxious about her upcoming first birthday. I want it to be a gorgeous cake! How fast time really flies especially when babies are involved...pretty soon she'll be graduating from the play pen to actual playground equipment!

Maligayang Ikatlong Anibersaryo sa Litratong Pinoy! Siyempre, dapat may cake!

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Kayni said...

kainan na! :)

i love the pink frosting.

Unknown said...

very pretty! hmmmn, this looks like a beginning of a cake business.:p your niece is one lucky girl--free cake every month!:p

Mirage said...

Sarap! You really are going full-time baking...kakabighani at nakakatuwa kasi di ba? happy lp!

emarene said...

timing yang cake decorating course mo kasi mukhang maraming birthday pa ang paghahandaan mo :)

thess said...

you are one sweet tita! for sure, in the future, you'll make not just your niece but more people happy with your cakes!

January Zelene said...

wow so sweet ang sarap na papakin..

Narito ang aking lahok: The Welder

Marites said...

kainan na nga!! sarap naman niyan at ang gaganda naman ng mga cake. maligayang LP!

formatie nunta said...

I think it looks great and i am sure it tastes delicious. This can be a very good for my little daughter birthday, cand you give us the recipe please? thanks a lot

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