Fanciful Fondant Flowers!

I wet my pansies....with gum glue adhesive water, that is.

Tonight was the first of our Wilton Flowers & Cake Design classes and I learned how to knead fondant for the first time! It's actually not pure fondant, since we mixed it with gum paste to make the fondant dry faster. Our instructor told us that if we used pure fondant, it would take an entire day for it to dry. And we only have 2 hours per session to learn things.

Our course kit came with flower shapers, which was the easy part. The tricky part was keeping the fondant soft as we flattened it with a rolling pin into the proper thickness. Fondant can't be exposed to open air too long as it will develop cracks from dryness, thus one should have the skill to work quickly and store unused fondant immediately in plastic wrap and in an air-tight container. Having a dehumidifier around won't really make a difference.

It's just as I thought it looked like: playing with modeling clay! It's like being a kid again, only you get to eat the shapes you make. But with flowers like these, you'd be too guilty to actually consume them!

And more on being a kid, this study claims that learning new things for as little as two hours with "child-like" awe stimulates brain growth for adults!

My flowers aren't that perfect yet, (you can see the rough edges) but practice makes perfect petals! I love the pansies...I just need to figure out how to paint it with edible coloring to add darker colors in the petals for a more realistic look.

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

i think these fondant flowers you made are pretty :)

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, kayni! beginner's blossoms! i hope to improve! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know conell that making fondant candy is one of the hardest lab experiments my students do. Sugar crystallization is only achieved at the right temperature and beating. Kaya UNO ka saken lola! talap!

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