Summer Soliloquy


I look forward to warmer days ahead,
when I shall go to Puerto Rico and be fed,
with mofongo and ice-cold piragua and maybe Puerto Rican lechon head.
Where I shall bathe in the Caribbean waters for the first time,
where I might taste their proud Bacardi Rum with a wedge of lime.


Where I shall see what sea critters roam their sand,
where I shall hear if the Coqui Frog croaks like no other amphibian on land.
Where I shall see the grandeur of Old San Juan,
where I shall spy what shoes womens wear there for fun.

I hear your call, "La Isla del Encanto,"
I await our sun-drenched encounter, en el verano.

(Photos were taken from my Philippine vacation in May 2010 in Capiz. This is my entry for Kayni's Cherry Blossoms Giveaway!)

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

Yay...Puerto Rico!

Thank you for joining my giveaway.

Photo Cache said...

Love this post. Enjoy your summer in puerto rico.

formatie nunta said...

Nice post, i hope you will enjoy your summer in puerto rico. But please tell me what is in the picture, what exit from the shell?

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