Oh Christmas Tree, Our Christmas Tree!


Behold, our blue-silver-and white Christmas tree. We didn't decorate the tree last year because of a death in the family. There were only Christmas cards nestled in the branches. This year is a decorative comeback.


There are fragile birds with glistening wings and real feather tails. We got these ornaments before Twitter perched itself on the pedestal of popularity. So yeah, it would have been cool if these came in blue.


Wooden angels and real-looking snowflake ornaments.


Remember the Jimmy Liao stuff I hoarded from my Taiwan layover? One of them was the 60-piece puzzle ornament with his "A Chance of Love" art. I easily assembled it in minutes. It helped that the inner pieces are numbered! Haha. Only downside to this ornament is that the last piece protrudes from the rest of the pieces. I didn't want to force it in and risk having the ornament "explode" to pieces. I already did that when I excitedly opened the bag of unassembled pieces.


Another ornament worth ogling at is this Swarovski SnowNurse. She has a chart and medicine box in her twig hands!


And to complete the azure ambience, I also giftwrapped our wall frames in blue holiday wrappers and added a hint of silver balls, silver balls!

So Santa Baby, slip the best netbooks under the tree...for me!

7 vandalized my wall:

doi said...

wow! nice tree you got there. Merry Christmas! :D

witsandnuts said...

That's a nice tree! I like the snow nurse!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, girls!

AVCr8teur said...

So many unique ornaments. It's like a treasure hunt to see them all. I've never seen a puzzle ornament before. How do they make the pieces bend like that?!

Photo Cache said...

how delightful. i am excited to see people's/blogger's christmas tree. it gives me tips on how to trim mine.

we did a minimalistic effect this year. only green tree and red ornaments, mostly balls.

my hubs and i are thinking of doing color coded theme and next year maybe we're thinking of all gold ornaments :)

Kayni said...

I love it! It's so beautiful.

Bubbles said...

Oh wow this Christmas tree looks amazing and I love the bow at the top. I've never seen that idea before :)

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