Puttin' On The Ritz On Ritz!


How do you make ordinary things become extraordinarily bestselling items? Just slap on the phrase "limited edition" and beautify the packaging according to the holiday involved. Remember the Yuletide dishwashing liquid bottles I featured before? Maybe even vapings can be Christmas-y.

In the case of Ritz crackers, their winter incarnation would definitely sell like pancakes--or shall we say, snowflakes!


They say no two snowflakes are ever alike, like fingerprints. But I don't think that's applicable to Ritz Snowflake crackers. But hey, you're eating Ritz with holiday glitz!

2 vandalized my wall:

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of crackers but this looks quite nice. Maybe I'm already charmed with all the festive feelings going on around this time of year :-)

Btw, I have got your lovely Christmas card. I love the illustration so much. You really do have a knack for finding someone's gifts! ^-^

And how do you know my nickname is cat? I don't remember telling you that, did I?

Bubbles said...

I love Ritz but we don't have an edition like this :(... I would of course buy them as they look so cute.

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