It's Christmas Time In The City


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks...that's definitely New York City.  But it's even busier around Christmas time. On Thanksgiving weekend, we saw how Manhattan was already dressed in holiday style. A Santa Smurf sat on top of a canopy at Macy's in Herald Square. The new Smurfs movie should be out sometime next year, featuring the voice of California Girl Katy Perry (now Kerry Brand) as Smurfette.


The Salvation Army people were all over the streets ringing their bells for charity.


Inside Penn Station, wreaths hung above commuters' heads. No mistletoe, though.


There was a giant fake Christmas tree near Ground Zero. However, the pinecones on it were very real and huge.


Just outside Century 21 Department Store was an Amish choir singing Christmas carols. They were actually selling their self-recorded CDs to passers-by.

And speaking of Christmas, I am pleased to report that I am done with my holiday shopping. Since I come from a family of nurses, I considered getting some of them Christmas-themed soft cotton scrubs. Unique scrubs enable them to be professional AND fashionable at the same time. But sometimes, their rank at the hospital only lets them wear white medical lab coats, nothing colorful.

I hope they like what I got them. Most important of all, it's the thought that counts!

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

Cute Santa Smurf :)

Photo Cache said...

I heart smurfs.

Bubbles said...

I always love this time of year for how everyone gets together and creates such a beautiful atmosphere.

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