sunday, freaky sunday

i almost got myself into the ER this afternoon. i was wearing my pink hibiscus clogs and held a cup of banana split-flavored ice cream while i walked down the stairs to the basement. i missed the penultimate (second to the last) step by accident (or was it sheer clumsiness?) that i was outbalanced and fell sideways to the floor where tiffany's blankets were.

i landed on the floor on my left side with my elbow propped on the doggie blankets. i was fortunate to not have a freak landing, otherwise i would have suffered either a dislocation (an experience i wouldn't want to go through again!), a fracture, or a torn muscle. miraculously, my ice cream also survived the fall, landing upright on the floor and left nary a gooey drop.

i didn't leave the scene completely unscathed, because the side of my left leg grew a small, purple bruise as a souvenir from the impact. better to get a bruise than be in crutches!

is this a sign of old age? but my lord, i haven't scaled the great wall of china yet!

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Anonymous said...

definitely one of the signs of aging. hehe. seriously, be careful all the time ;)

Anonymous said...

aren't you lucky having a guardian angel watching over you? by the way, i like the new design of your blog. it looks great on my computer screen.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, plaridel! this is actually one of blogger's standard templates. i didn't want to fuss around with too much html anymore. :P

yes, i'm very thankful my guardian angel wasn't loitering about when it happened. hehe.

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