feeling flay

the signs of summer are here.

warmer temperatures that call for tank tops and flipflops, the roar of motorcycles on the street, fireflies starting to show up in your garden at dusk, bobby flay brandishing his barbecue skills on food network.

it was enough to inspire me to whisk up a marinade for chicken wings and hit the grill. i hastily coated a batch of chicken wings with honey barbecue sauce and other herbs and spices. i have never used our propane-powered outdoor grill before, as i have this fear of getting my face blown into propane-ignited smithereens. i have never really bothered to ask my dad how to work that cooking contraption....until today.

i was instructed via celfone as to how to switch it on. open the propane tank, turn the grill's knobs, and then light up the grilling area with a lighter. i was able to complete this task without charcoal and gas exploding into my face. i realized it was really as simple as cooking with "gasul" on a stove top like we used to back in manila.

one by one i arranged the chicken wings onto the grill. i was quite excited and felt a swell of pride. i was dismayed, though, at how the fire was set too high and the flames would lash out directly underneath the chicken pieces. yikes!

the outcome: most of them turned out charred....but i scraped off the charred parts and smothered them with blue cheese dressing afterwards. okay, so much for trying to be bobby flay. more like, BABOY flay. haha. i have to give credit to my sister for that joke. :P

next time, i'll marinade my barbecue pieces for at least thirty minutes to let the flavors penetrate the meat, and will use less fire and sprinkle the aggressive flames with water. after all, summer is just starting!


i always thought those rubber clogs that make your feet look like big bird's were intended for gardening. but nowadays, people wear it anywhere. they are undoubtedly comfortable. i spotted a pink pair of such clogs...with hibiscus prints! they were only five dollars...how cheap is that? and how cute!

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