starbucks, star bright....

...first frap i see tonight,
wish i may, wish i might,
have the caffeine kick i wish tonight.

for the holidays, starbucks frappuccino has ventured into the dark side....the "dark chocolate" side, that is.

i spotted these "limited edition", dark chocolate peppermint mocha-flavored frappuccino bottles (they come by the four-fuls...is there such a word? hehe) at the beverage aisle of our local shoprite last night.

the taste is that of rich, dark chocolate with a peppermint candy hint, like santa's elves spiked the bearded guy's mug of hot chocolate with powdered candy canes when he was looking for rudolph. hehe.

i've been good this year (i think), so maybe if i leave a bottle of this coffee drink and some cookies, santa will give me what i really, really want. haha.

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