john doe (a deer)

if i sang that song from "sound of music", that would be an oxymoron, now, won't it? because a doe is a female deer...hehe.

our backyard leads to a small, woody area. occasionally, some deer would roam by looking for delectable plants to feast on. the number one victims in our backyard garden are the hosta plants. but lately, they've been munching on our tomatoes too.

they are very cautious towards humans. one slight sound or movement, even from a distance, and they'll start running away. however, in the suburbs of nearby pennsylvania, the deer are strangely more tame and accustomed to humans. they are not the least bit unnerved when you try to walk up to them. they roam more bravely there amongst people.

here, sometimes you'll see a mother with her offspring searching for prime greenery. they would travel in groups of three, sometimes even as much as five. this afternoon, i saw a lone deer with antlers prancing across our backyard. i tried to capture him on this videoclip, but the digicam's memory became full. these are only a few seconds worth of moving deer...see if you can spot him. you'll hear me mumbling in the background because i was on the phone with someone at the time. haha.

run, bambi, run!

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