"mutts" ado about sleepwear

walmart finally had their line of mutts sleepwear on sale, so i grabbed a matching shirt and underwear that says "use your head."

the labels indicate that the material used is "earth-friendly" and "organic." it's made of 100% cotton.

i would have preferred the pajama set, but they were sold out, unfortunately. it would have been perfect for the fall. obviously, i'm not the only mutts comics fan in my area.

"mutts" by patrick mcdonnell is one of my favorite comic strips in the newspaper. it features the lovable cat and dog duo mooch and earl. even if you're not a cat or dog lover, you can't help but adore these two characters' innocent take on everyday life.

personally, i'm a fan of felines (we own one), so mooch is closer to my heart. if you've read these strips on a regular basis, you'll know that his favorite plaything in the world is his "'lil pink sock."

i've purchased quite a few used copies of "mutts" comic books off ebay, because that's the only way i can collect them cheaper.

visit the official mutts comics website and meet mooch and earl!
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