"the more the manyer!"

my friend in the philippines, rizza, sent a little something (literally) in the mail for my birthday which i got this morning. it's an itty-bitty gift book entitled "the more the manyer! pinoy cliches and other words of wisdumb", published by tahanan books.

it's a handy compilation of funny, philippinized idiomatic expressions that end up sounding idiotic, english phrases of the carabao species that make you go, "ex-squeeze me?!"

the selection of humorous slang is complemented by elbert or's comical artwork with a cartoon network-y feel to it.

here's a sampling of what the book offers, some of which you may already be "family" with:
"the sky's the langit!
"keep that bear in mind"
"it's a blessing in the sky!"
"the idea crossed at the back of my mind"

it's hilarious. "THANKS GOD", rizza! you know my taste buds! :)

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