all hallow's eve

it's halloween, and the very first trick-or-treaters came knocking on our door as early as 4PM. one was dressed as the grim reaper, and the other in a red, fringed dress as if she were a can-can dancer. i happily dropped a goodie box in each one's treat bag and told the girl how i liked her dress. their mom was watching them from a distance.

the halloween treats we're giving away this year have been prepared two weeks ago. they each contain a snack-sized twizzler and small halloween stickers. the pumpkin goodie boxes were bought separately from a greeting card shop last year, when they went on clearance. i hope we get enough children tonight to dispose of the treats.

i enjoy giving out candies to costumed children on halloween. however, not all of them exert any effort in actually wearing a costume...particularly the older kids. in fact, we had such a pair come by right after the first batch--two boys wearing ordinary clothes.

i've never experienced trick-or-treating as a kid, so even if i'm just distributing sweets at the door, i do dress up as something. right now i'm wearing black fishnet stockings (when else is it appropriate for me to wear them? haha), a pink mini-skirt, a black long-sleeved top with pumpkins on the front, and a black-and-orange frilly scarf. i also went crazy with really rouge lipstick and black eyeliner on my face, so that i look like a cross between frida kahlo and a tattooed maori tribe member. hahaha.

our little 6-year-old cousin abby decided to go as a nurse in scrubs this year, perhaps inspired by her mom who is one. here she is with mask on...

isn't she adorable with her silver moon tattoo? she's "maturing" in her costume taste, because we've seen her as a princess and as wand-wielding fairy tinkerbell in halloweens past.
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goodbye, october....

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