birthday girl!

the clock has struck midnight...it's officially my birthday!

my sister was the first to greet me. she sang loudly and hugged and kissed me.

i am currently using her brand-new toshiba satellite A135-S4656 laptop which she had searched far and wide for in nearby best buy stores. she was able to get the last one at west paterson. it's a clearance laptop which she got for only $350. that's a great deal, considering that it has a dvd-cd burner combo. i'm also simultaneously trying out the cd-burning feature.

my birthday plans:

-wake up early
-walk around the lake
-drop by a church and say a birthday prayer
-get a haircut
-possibly get a manicure AND a pedicure
-indulge in sushi and other japanese food at minado, and then be sung a birthday song by their waiters
-bond with my family
-take birthday pictures
-make a wish and blow candles

yup, sounds like a plan....

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