"i want to be six again!"

the priests at our local church like to end mass with a joke to put a smile on everyone's faces. almost like a reward for hearing mass. last sunday, this one had everyone, including myself, laughing hard:

it was the wife's birthday, and her husband, wanting to please her on her special day, asked, "what is your birthday wish, honey?"

"i want to be six again!"

the husband promptly prepared a bowl of lucky charms cereal for breakfast, bought her a happy meal with large fries and chocolate milkshake for lunch, bought her bendy balloons in animal shapes, took her to six flags and rode on every ride until they were both so tired.

when they came back home, they slumped into bed, and the husband asked, "so how does it feel to be six again, honey?"

the wife gazed at his eyes and said, "i meant i wanted to be a SIZE SIX again, you idiot!"

moral of the story? even when a man is listening, he will still get it wrong. (as told by the priest! hehe)

personally, i think it was sweet of the husband to do those things for her. i was silently going "aaaaawww" when the story was being told, but ended up laughing when the wife clarified her wish. the lady beside me was laughing heartily and turned to look at me as she did.

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