travel academy

travel academy

boot camp for aspiring travel filmmakers hosted by the travel channel!

this is soooo tempting. the course which lasts 4 days costs $2,500 and the location is in los angeles. they do offer discounts if you bring your own equipment such as your own videocamera (check!), mac laptop (umm, nope!), etc. something tells me this is my "true calling." hehe. after all, it combines my two great passions: travel and photography/video filming. participating in this course will definitely make anyone's resume shiny and impressive.

Students who sign up for our course will receive:

* Valuable filmmaking skills that will propel your creative and career ambitions
* Hands-on training from industry experts with decades of experience teaching the art of storytelling, production and editing
* Direct contact with the executive producers of such hit shows as Bizarre Foods, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, Most Haunted Live, Trauma: Life in the E.R., Police Force, Made in America and Flip That House
* A chance to share your work with millions of viewers on Travel Channel and travelchannel.com
* An opportunity to get paid for your work after course graduation*
* The chance to be discovered...as a Travel Channel on-air personality. It’s happened already to people such as Tiffany Burnett, Shane Reynolds and Ronnie Miller.

yes, but....where will i get $2,500? the road to my dream job is rather expensive...

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