loathing for lemonade

our neighbors from across our house put up a day-long business today. well, the business moguls turned out to be their little kids. with their little playroom furniture out in their garage, small pitcher of what looked like some refreshment, dixie cups and a piece of cardboard with the word "lemonade" scrawled on it, thus their little lemonade stand opened shop.

they looked cute screaming "LEMONAAADE" at the top of their lungs at every car that passed them by. this little girl even tried to run after a van that ignored them, while clutching her lemonade sign. stalker potential. hehe. wait, no, papparazzi potential.

a UPS guy stopped by to buy lemonade from them. and one of the kids proudly said out loud to the others, "i can't believe we made a UPS guy buy lemonade from us!" in a tone equal to that of getting santa claus to buy lemonade for himself and his troop of reindeer.

i didn't want to patronize these budding entrepreneurs for the sole reason that i hate how their dad always parks their huge truck (which he uses for his landscaping services) right across from our garage, making it difficult for us to back up when we need to go somewhere. i felt they deserved a taste of "business reverses" in exchange for their dad's lack of parking courtesy.

in the end though, my kind heart prevailed, and i bought a lemonade from them for 50 cents.

i think it needed more sugar.

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