linens n' "broken" things

clumsy moment a few days ago at linens n' things. i was browsing the clearance section (my favorite spot in any store for the most obvious reasons)when i spotted this box filled with odd items on sale. now, that box was sitting close to a tall lamp (about five feet). as i started to dig through the box, the lamp frighteningly tipped over in the very direction that a lady was huddled down looking at marked-down sheets. the cursed lamp inevitably fell down to where the woman was, stopped only by the shelf above her. thankfully the lamp fell to her right, but the glass came crashing to the floor in a loud, shattering sound.

i apologized to her profusely and made sure she didn't have any wounds or shards of glass stuck to her skin. i was thankful i didn't have to take her to the hospital or owe her anything aside from my apology, and i was even more thankful she didn't make a big deal out of it or was bitchy. it was an accident, after all. but accidents make one liable for the consequences too.

i informed a sales clerk about my accident and i was grateful for not having been made to pay for it. well, i guess they were partly to blame for not putting the lamp in a safer location. but i was so darn scared nonetheless.

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