...and your mom also

once upon a time, two young guy pals decided to go on a road trip to this fictional beach in mexico they never knew actually existed, seductively called "heaven's mouth" (boca del cielo), in hopes of getting a piece of spanish heaven with an older woman they took along.

"y tu mama tambien" explores the spontaneity of teenage passions, more particularly the spontaneity of premature ejaculation, masturbation, drugs, and the search for a secret beach. the movie has a narrator who gives informative tidbits about each character, and foretells what would become of that person. the idyllic threesome formed by julio, tenoch and luisa finds themselves locked in jealousy, sexual (re)discovery, and friendship in the deserted beach. luisa had agreed to the tryst with the young boys after learning that her husband cheated on her. she decides to stay at the beach and continue her seaside exploration on her own...up until her death.

"honey, you gotta stop whacking and start working on that erectile endurance of yours..."

if this movie had a song, it should be "livin' la vida boca (del cielo)". hehe.

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