hole-y goldfish!

please don't let this happen to your goldfish!

i've been a bad fish mom. what started out as tiny red spots on the head of our lone goldfish became a large open wound which looked so scary you'd think he's about to die. the disease is called "hole-in-head" disease, which is a sign of bacterial infection due to unfavorable water conditions. the symptoms came out right after i had cleaned the fish tank water. now what could have caused such infection? well, my mistake lies in not cleaning the tank rocks and shells.

open red sore on the head

after learning about the disease, i transferred him to a smaller tank without rocks, just clear tap water. we bought him an antibacterial treatment to speed up the healing process and thankfully, his wound is showing signs of healing. we were afraid to lose him...he's an 8-year-old goldfish. good thing this fish still eats as much despite the disease.

i just changed the tank water again today and got him new turquoise tank rocks. he looks much better now.

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