it's my hydroplane

guess what i recently bought? a dvd recorder.

this electronics store was having a one-day sale after easter so i decided to get that dvd recorder on sale. it was purchased on credit so i have 12 months to pay it off without incurring any interest. good luck to me!

it's what i've been planning to buy because i wanted to finally start transferring our home videos from mini-DVD format to a regular DVD so i can reuse the rewritable ones and distribute copies to family.


had a little driving adventure by myself a few days ago, when it was raining hard. it's related to the electronics store mentioned above, because i wanted to go there for the one-day sale. i mustered enough courage to drive alone in a place i've never been to by myself before. a good 30 minutes drive westward from a familiar traffic light in route 10.

because certain parts of the road had puddles of water, my car experienced what is called "hydroplaning," that is, the tires lose traction of the road surface and ride on the film of water. it feels very slippery, almost like the car is floating a few inches off the road. very dangerous. i was able to reach succasunna instead of livingston. my stupid mistake was that i ventured out on route 10 WEST instead of route 10 EAST.

ah well, i was able to buy something else i needed in a craft store there anyway.

on my way back, though, just as the rains were starting to mellow down into a drizzle, the windshield wiper on my side fell off. now a logical, safety-conscious driver would stop by the side of the road, set the hazards on, and re-attach the wiper. but i didn't. instead, i kept driving, thinking i'm only a few miles away from my aunt's house where i can stop comfortably in their garage and have my uncle fix it for me.

it sure was exciting (and pretty stupid) trying to see through the beads of water across my windshield vision. thank god it was only afternoon that time.

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