i'm going back to the philippines!

i haven't been blogging because of a recent influx of tremendously happy events in my life...the most significant of which is the fact that i just achieved one of my life goals! woohoo!

the results came out on april 8th, the very day my family threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. my friend relayed the good news to me via overseas call direct from the authoritative venue at around 8AM EST. what a way to start my day! it was cause for a double celebration indeed.

all my prayers and sacrifice have paid off...and all the wonderful people who remembered me in their prayers, especially my family, have definitely contributed to my success.

my parents and i are flying to manila on the 25th. i was able to get permission from both my jobs to be absent for three weeks because of the important occasion. actually, i had turned in a resignation letter to my first job, but they still wanted to keep me as a "floater", which means i can come in to work whenever i please, when they need me. at least that way, i get to keep the weekends to myself. i need to get my weekend social life back on track...hahaha.

my family will visit my relatives in capiz, too...which i'm very much looking forward to. can't wait to pig out on the seafood! also...we get to go to BORA! woohooo!

damn it, i have this hideous belly that would make a swimsuit top a bad idea. haha. guess i'll have to go with a more conservative tank top then. haha.

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