"real women have curves"

a fat girl was on the cover of this DVD, with the very intriguing title mentioned above enough to stir the curiosity of any figure-conscious woman like myself. it turned out to be an HBO movie about a strong-willed, plus-sized teenage mexican-american girl (america ferrera) who wanted to break free from the bondage of her backwards-thinking mother in order to pursue her dream of going to college in "la manzana grande" (the big apple, silly. :))

ana just graduated from high school, but her family could not afford to send her to college so she is forced to help with the family business of sewing dresses for bloomingdales just to make ends meet. in between ironing satin skirts and defying her mother's traditional reasoning, she finds love that looks beyond the size of her body. this movie basically teaches us to love ourselves for what we look like physically (including cellulite, stretchmarks and flabs), screw atkins and southbeach, and that it's okay to indulge in that bag of cadbury chocolate mini-eggs...(please tell me to stop eating already.)

gee, i hope it's not dryclean....


i had a very exciting experience with my car last night. well, it's not my car, it's my mom's old car. i was happily driving in my shorts in the cold, cold night when the spark plug flew out of its slot in the engine, creating a horrifying loud noise which compelled me to stop the car in this suburban street. of course at the time, i didn't know what was causing the noise, but it sounded so scary i knew i had to stop the car and leave the hazard lights on. it felt like a huge scrap metal got stuck inside the engine.

panicked, i tried calling my mom, explaining to her what had happened. her voice, worried, demanded to know where i was and perhaps to make sure i wasn't in a place where i wasn't supposed to be...like maybe with some strange man out to lure me out of my shorts. i thank my lucky stars for two concerned chicks who offered to push my car into the nearest parking lot where i can stay safely as i awaited help.

i told them, "it was not a good idea to drive in shorts."

distracted, i was manipulating the wheel while they pushed me forward, gear in neutral, and because i'm not the best driver especially when i'm distracted, i missed the turn towards the lot, so they had to push me again from the front while i was maneuvering in reverse. and of course i HATE driving in reverse!

and i thank god i wasn't pulled over by a cop or something. i probably would have gotten a ticket for unshaved legs....hahahaha.

maybe i should send them my extra bag of cadbury eggs...as a gesture of gratitude.

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