the yellow dress challenge

as i walked past the human resources office today at work, my peripheral vision caught sight of that familiar tall figure in a crisp business suit, and then i heard my name in that charming, cheerful voice: "conell! how are you?"

i looked at him and told him i just wanted to know where the store rally is going to be that evening. a "store rally" is a meeting of all sales associates where they are briefed by a manager as to the current sales events or promotions before they go to their respective selling areas. it's also where they announce who the top sellers were for the previous day, who's celebrating a birthday, that sort of stuff.

at that particular rally, we were informed that if we met the target number of store accounts opened (i forgot if it's the DAY'S or the MONTH'S target number), OM would wear a yellow dress and run/parade around the store with that outfit.

hmmm. either he's truly itching to wear a dress to break free from his prison cell of a business suit, or he just wants to pull off a "jackass" stunt, or he just wants it to be halloween in february. either way, i would love to see him do it! what store operations manager in his right mind would humiliate himself in this way just to encourage us to open more store accounts? haha. i still think he's cute. :P

God has a funny way of giving signs. i know what He's telling me, but at least i know i should keep my distance. :P

my work schedule has slightly been altered. i am now bound to work late on all saturdays of my work week, which means i cannot have a social life on saturdays. unless i find someone else to cover for me if the need arises.

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