valentine's day? bah humbug!

it's february. the pinkest and/or reddest month of the year because of that harsh, oppressive holiday which discriminates against loveless individuals like myself. yeah, you know which holiday i'm talking about. it's a holiday that makes your heart skip a bit faster because of the sugar rush derived from chocolates that accompany your bouquet of roses and stuffed teddy bear. it's a holiday for lovers in love, lust, or at least like. and i'm just none of the above.

sure you'll say that valentine's isn't just for lovers, it's also for friends, relatives, your boss, your co-worker, your pet, or whoever special it is in your life other than a romantic partner. riiight. but in reality, that's just what people say to people who don't have a romantic partner to celebrate valentine's day with. for people who don't have anyone else to pop the champagne with, have a fancy dinner with and then get naked with afterwards. it's just something you tell a singleton in order for him or her not too feel too bad about his or herself, despite the fact that he or she will most probably stay at home on that day and watch cheesy romantic movies.

i got a valentine's card in the mail the other day, though. it's from a high school (gal) pal in the philippines who thought it would cheer me up to get one. i appreciate her efforts, really. better to get one from a friend than nothing at all. it's a healthy alternative to store catalogues and junk mail. and besides, who cares to sit down and write good, long snail mail these days, when everything is DSL-fast?

hey mr. cupid, if you can't find me a date, will YOU be available? i have this really cute pink blouse i just bought. i'd hate to just wear it at home on the 14th, modelling it in front of the mirror instead of modelling it at a nice restaurant with a guy in my arms. haha. i find you a very hot olympian deity when i read greek mythology. i'm sure after hitting all your arrows to loveless couples out there, you'd want to get into some action yourself...forget about psyche. i won't turn into a tree or lose my shoe at the stroke of midnight. i'll wear my sexy strappy heels just for you.

guess i'm just gonna burrow with mr. groundhog for another six weeks. i look forward to wong kar-wai's "2046" DVD that i ordered off the internet.

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