recently i....

  • filed my first income tax return here in the states, confirming that i belong to the working population, albeit among the humble income group.

  • got me a second job at the mall, this time in this kids' clothing store where everything is still expensive despite markdowns. the best part is that they're paying me a little more than my first job. a little intimidating because so far, all my co-workers i've met there are either married, pregnant, or committed to someone. i don't share anything in common with them other than gender and age. they're fun people though, especially our manager, amy. she's a brunette version of paula abdul (wait, is paula originally brunette?), and a sexy single mom.

  • stayed for an extra 3 hours today at the store helping out with the new merchandise because it was extra money and it was snowing outside. i figured, why not take advantage of the inclement weather since i live close by, right? it was also interesting to see the mall nearly deserted before 6PM. the smaller stores were closing one by one.

  • realized that my crush at the other store resembles josh groban. more specifically, the curly hair. this realization occurred while watching the 77th oscar awards last night, when beyonce and josh groban performed a duet for one of the nominated songs.

  • realized that my crush has altogether become indifferent towards me. this realization occurred while i came to work one day and chanced upon him in our stockroom and there just wasn't any cheerful/friendly vibe from him anymore. my friend explains it as me losing my sense of "newness", thus i'm now just another name in the payroll. :(

  • was complimented at work by a female customer for having "gorgeous" skin because of my natural brown complexion, because she has to go to a tanning salon to achieve that skin tone. unexpected yet welcome reminder to be proud of my roots. :)
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