excuse his french

i got a chocolate rose from a (female, alas!) co-worker on valentine's day. it's shaped like a rose bud on a lollipop stick. very cute. my sweet tooth couldn't handle the sweetness, though, so i never got to finish it.

i really wasn't supposed to work on valentine's day, but since it snowed that morning, one co-worker had called out, and i came to the rescue. the highlight of that evening was the roof over the dress department crashing down because of the continuous rains. there was a sudden, huge splashing sound--tsunami alert by the ralph lauren zone! the good news was, nobody got hurt when it happened. people shouldn't be out shopping on valentine's day anyway. they had the entire week before that to do their valentine's shopping. they sent a squadron of vacuum cleaners to dry up the floors.

yup, my valentine's day was wet and wild.

xoxoxoxox xoxoxoxoxo

this is a tribute to looney tunes' hopelessly romantic stalker skunk who's too lovestruck to realize he's chasing a black cat with white paint streaks. and that sleazy french accent of his? unmistakably a "fleurt"!

i watched a marathon of nothing but pepe le pew cartoons on the midnight following valentine's day. it was aptly called "LOVE STINKS." consider his pieces of romantic advice:

  • there are plenty of fish in the ocean--if you like fish. personally, i prefer GIRLS. call it a weakness.
  • all is love in fair and war.
  • you need some occupational therapy, like making love!

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