hypothermic valentine's eve

and the jackass award of the day goes to ME!

during winter (and i'm fully aware it's STILL winter), it's important to keep warm both indoors and outdoors. it is coldest when it's about to snow or sleet. that's why winter clothing was invented, however fashionable you want to be, as long you wear enough layers of thick clothing, especially a good winter jacket. i pride myself for getting a new one on sale which is black, filled with nice, warm, insulating down feathers, and trimmed with faux fur on its hood. but today i chose not to wear it to church.

the jackass act consisted of wearing a mere cord jacket over a long-sleeved shirt. yes, today i chose to defy the fashion rules relative to the four seasons in this country, thinking i wouldn't get myself outside long enough save for a quick walk to the church and back to the car.

but oh, woe! we went to costco after mass to buy some grocery, and then my father disappeared into the vortex that lurks within the costco warehouse. so thinking he was already in the car, we pushed our cart of grocery only to find out he wasn't there. so i had to stay outside by the car, faithfully guarding our grocery, while my mother went back to look for him. ....for a good 20 minutes! i know i should've went back inside costco, but it was a long walk back there and it was just as cold by the door anyway.

when we got home, i was shivering. i hardly enjoyed my lunch because of my quivering fingers and chest. and then i incubated myself in my room afterwards--blanket, jammies, sweater and with my portable heater on. so this is what hypothermia feels like, i thought. and then i thought about dying from low body temperature because i chose to be a fashion rebel. what a way to die! and on valentine's eve too! how tragic! hahaha. how symbolic of my love life too! (bitter laughter here)

now i think this headache is part of the hypothermia aftershocks. so kids, don't ever try this at home! (or outdoors for that matter!)


at work, we got these generic valentine cards from the store management. it's one of those printed from a greeting card software with a simple-looking heart on the cover. it said, "you may think you're just another person..."

"but to us you're SPECIAL! happy valen-freaking-tine's day!" (italized part truly non-existent on the card)

it was signed by the store manager, the human resources manager, and the big O.M. (operations manager). *sigh* so this is all i'm getting from him. something that every other employee in the store is getting. i'll tuck it under my pillow tonight. muhahaha, just kidding!

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