pretty fly for a queer guy!

damn it.

seeing him at work is just pure agony tinged with guilty pleasure. and today being inventory day at the store, lots of other employees, including him, as operations manager, came in at the shriek of 6am to do inventory work.

inventory work is behind-the-scenes, which means the employees get to wear casual clothes. i met him this morning on my way to my assigned cash register, and he greeted me in his tight grey t-shirt, looking all sporty.

god, with that body, he has to be working out.

i decided i had to tell someone of my silly infatuation. so i chanced upon a co-worker who's also filipina, and told him about my secret crush. now it's not a secret anymore. but i made her promise not to tell anyone else about it. haha.

she did say that he's single. (yay!) and then i hesitatingly wondered out loud to her, if he might be gay. and then she starts telling me this dream she had about her and him sitting at the backseat of a car, laughing together. and in her mind, she knows that they were just having pure platonic fun, and that it was the driver of the car that he's truly involved with. in other words, in her dreaming mind, she was aware that he's gay. the driver guy and him were supposedly stark naked in her dream. and when she got off the car to be picked up by her husband, the latter was enraged to see him naked with his wife, so he allegedly punched the living daylights out of him.

my co-worker narrated her dream to him (during waking hours, haha) and he reportedly said, "OOOOHHHHHHH". i wanted more details but a customer had to be rung by my co-worker at that point.

analyzing his reaction, that was definitely not an objection. i should've taken the pink shirt incident as a blatant sign already. and now this story just confirms it.


he looks really cute with a hoodie sweater on, though.

*double sigh*

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