golden girl

no, i'm not talking about myself being old (although i'm aware of that inevitable aging process), rather it's this gold star pin i got at work yesterday as recognitiion for my "friendliness" to customers. well it's about time! i've been working there for over two months now and i only get the bloody pin at this point in time? haha.

our store is big on being friendly and helpful to customers. unlike in most other stores where sales clerks hardly smile or greet customers. i have yet to charm mr. right with my smile, though...hahaha.

big blizzard tomorrow! i've taken the initial steps to keep the garage pavement ice-free as much as i can by sprinkling the special snow salt. it's supposed to melt snow on contact, thus preventing accumulation or icing. but the news says we might have around 18 (!) inches of snow...so that's gonna mean some serious arm workout in the form of snow-shovelling!

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