battleground of bamboo blades AKA "house of flying daggers"

my dearest takeshi kaneshiro in a steamy bunny lovemaking scene on the grass with zhang ziyi.....i seethe with jealousy!!! hahaha.

"i think you're pretty hot..."

unfortunately for me, this DVD sent by my friend from the philippines did not have the proper english subtitles--it being only a bootleg copy. i recognized the subs as being from the movie "windtalkers"...hahaha. nevertheless, i watched the film for sheer adoration of takeshi, and reverence for zhang yimou, who also directed "hero."

this isn't the first time i watched a chinese movie without english subs. i've actually done this before with another takeshi kaneshiro movie, an old one opposite karen mok.

with "house of flying daggers" though, i'm content grasping the story by the beautiful, fantasy-like fighting scenes where it's not just daggers flying through the air. even legolas would be jealous of takeshi...with respect to his archery skills, that is. the movie boils down to a love triangle between zhang ziyi, who pretended to be blind at first; andy lau, and my dearest takeshi.

ninja kebab

of course, i'd like to watch this movie again with the appropriate english subs! haha.

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