"my sassy cop"

...should have been the title for this romance-comedy-tearfest movie that's somewhat a clone of demi moore's ghost. more specifically because the heroine (jeon ji-hyeon) in this movie is the girl from "my sassy girl", that popular korean romance comedy, and that the (surprising) ending somehow links it to the latter movie (because it involves that very same guy from said movie). but they called the movie "windstruck" instead.

you are forewarned that this movie will involve death because it starts with a korean accent-filled version of "knocking on heaven's door." and then the bubblegum romance between kyung-jin (sassy girl) and myung-woo (a physics teacher in this story) unfolds, in classic sassy girl-comedy style, the only difference is that kyung-jin is a lady cop who takes her job a little too seriously. the movie makes it clear that the theme for the couple is this song "stay just a little bit longer," which in deeper analysis also indicates that one of them might be leaving just a little bit sooner. haha.

and myung-woo's wish to become the wind was granted in a violent way, albeit accidentally. we grieve with kyung-jin who wishes to follow her love in the afterlife like that girl in her "legend of pinkie finger promise" bedtime story...but myung-woo, despite his being dead, "blows" some sense into kyung-jin's suicidal mind and rising obsession with pinwheels.

i have a confession to make: i actually shed tears for this movie. hahaha.

"tell me these handcuffs are kinky or i'll shoot!"

"and so you see kids, i may be a tough cop but i have a love life now...see this lunch bag? it's for your hunky teacher right here!"

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