culinary urges

i love snow. i just do. i can also get very sentimental about winter.

last saturday's blizzard bonanza, however, inspired me to cook up a storm in the kitchen amidst the raging snowstorm outside. i felt this was sparked by my late night viewings of "iron chef" on the food network. in just one night, i made two dishes using the same ingredient, shrimp.

since it was cold, i wanted to make something to ward off the chills...something with a nice warm broth or soupy detail in the menu. and when i think of shrimp, "sinigang" is the first to pop into mind. and so i made that. despite the lack of kangkong leaves, spinach or any other alternative sinigang greenery in our fridge, i went on to cook it anyway.

second shrimp dish: ginataang hipon (shrimp with coconut milk). i followed the instructions in the filipino recipe book carefully and it tasted great, with all humility. hehe.

(kitchen geek!!!)

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