auld lang syne

today at the mall, this lady spoke to me while i was on the escalator. i thought she wanted to ask for the time, but then she told me that she's an astrologer and that she "picked up a vibration" from me. i wonder if the vibration she sensed was that i'm in a hurry to avoid being late and that i already feel like going to the bathroom. she told me there's something i needed to know. she handed me her business card and attempted to engage me in light conversation, but i apologized and said i had to go.

looking at her card, i saw the words "TAROT CARD READER" above her name, which is "crystal." i wonder if she sensed that i own a deck of tarot cards myself, only it's not the conventional kind. that's really a funny way to pick up tarot card customers.

looking back at the year that was, 2004 was definitely memorable in many ways. i started working at the mall in january as a part-time sales associate, and after learning of my "unfortunate event", i resigned and flew back to the philippines to live the life of a hermit for six months, hoping that fishballs and taho would aid in making me pass the exams. i was able to drive our stick-shift van on the side, a proud achievement for me. no serious accidents other than accidentally scraping the right side of the van against the gate while trying to park it inside the narrow garage---something that was remedied by a simple rubbing solution. haha. i was able to play cupid for two friends. returned to NJ last october and was also able to visit las vegas and hoover dam as a birthday gift. speaking of birthday gifts, i finally got what i always wanted--a digital camera. returned to my humble part-time job at the mall while hoping to get a better job suitable to my skills and educational background. spent christmas with my family, the first sunny, snowless christmas i've had here. still a singleton singing the anthem of every other singleton out there, queen's "somebody to love" on my mp3 player. thank you, god for all the blessings and valuable lessons.

...and here's looking forward to a happy new year!!!

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