"jersey" girl

it snowed today! well, early this morning, that is...but i got up early to peek through the window and see the garage covered with snow. thin snow. snow so thin that by 8am everything has melted. didn't get to take a picture of it because i went back to bed. it's not even thanksgiving yet but it's beginning to feel a lot like winter. time to take out my thick down jacket. now, where is it? haha.

today was also my training day again at the mall, but since i've been through that process before, it's more of a refresher thing for me, operating the cash register, that is. i trained with three other people. they're seasonals, which means they're only hired until new year's day. or maybe just until new year's eve.

this new girl named tiffany had a tiny pierce on the side of her nose for a ring. she said she went to bartender school and worked at a bar serving drinks. i asked her if she can do those tricks with the bottles, and she said she knows some. it must be so cool to be a bartender chick, kinda like the girls in coyote ugly. if i can be a bartender chick i can call myself "jersey" as well. haha.

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