part-time gig

i'm back in the work force.

i got my part-time job back at the department store i worked for in the early part of this year. even if i'm a returning employee, i still had to go through the orientation process, which meant having to watch the cheesy video on friendliness filmed circa 1986 in the U.K. this time though, i had six other individuals watch it with me.

i'm assigned to work in ladies' sportswear. the dreaded thing about this is having to clear out fitting rooms, which i imagine will be a spectacular mess come december.

craziest thing i saw for sale in the store was the holiday winter wear for dogs...a doggie sweater sells for $78!!! i kid you not! what sort of people would spend $78 for a piece of canine clothing that your grandma can knit at home??? probably filthy rich individuals without kids, or are old and live alone.

i celebrated my night of employment with a tall peppermint mocha frapuccino at starbucks. it has red peppermint sprinkles on top. it doesn't end there, i shopped too, but at another store. haha. it's a nice cord skirt on sale at the gap and a large bag my sister has been eyeing as one of her potential "weekend bags." it was also on sale and it was the last one of its color, so i bought it right away. christmas gift for sister purchased. next person on shopping list: my mom.

i have to get another job. i wish i wish i wish i get that job i applied for in the law firm. it's been a week since i emailed my resume. i wonder if i'm off their interview-eligible list....

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