gee, it's a giraffe

first day at work yesterday was okay, except for the part where i ran out of ten's, five's and singles and i couldn't give a customer $7 change right away. had to make her wait while my manager ran to hand me extra bills in the cash register.

also realized that i'm working with a lot of older ladies in my department, but that's not a problem.

awkward situation with the loss prevention guy. my assigned cash register is located near his office, so whenever he has to come out he'll surely pass me by. one time when he did pass me on his way out, he mentioned that he got my message for him which i had relayed through email to my manager many, many months back. he said,

"hey i got your message you told *manager*...she said someone who used to work here says hi. was that you?"

"yeah, it was me."

"thanks, that was sweet of you."

"oh it's just that i enumerated the people i know that i wanted to say hi to."

but he still doesn't know my name, dude! he recognizes me from six months back, yet he doesn't even care who i am. well, fine with me. i don't like him anymore anyway. haha.

what made me smile last night? on my way home, i passed by toys r us and there was a giraffe mascot standing at the corner. it's the toys r us macot. he waved at me! it was so funny, i thought he was a deer trying to cross the street. hehe. okay, so i bet he waves to every car that passes him by, but it's not everyday you get a giraffe mascot to wave at you on a monday evening. :P

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