the buzz

i've never had a margarita so strong my head felt woozy halfway through my first and only glass! wonder what the bartender put in it?

i attribute this to a combined 75th and 85th birthday party i attended today somewhere in upstate new york i didn't want to go to. couldn't make up an excuse, although i secretly wished i got sick last night. i didn't sign up for extra hours at work today because i thought they said today's party was cancelled. the other day, they called back to say that the party will push through as planned.

i played the role of party photographer for my family today. not because i want to, but because it's either that or dance the horrifying chicken dance or whatever it's called in my horrifyingly non-dancing shoes. no, my shoes don't look ugly, it's just that the back straps keep falling down so that i had to keep pulling them up as i walk.

saw paolo montalban's look-a-like at the party. i call him that because i don't know his name, or more like, i have heard it before but i forgot. he's there because he's one of the precious grandchildren of the birthday celebrators (not "celebrants"). he kept hanging about at our table. well, i guess mainly because it was also where his birthday grandparents were sitting so he was talking to them about stuff. stuff like his trip next month to some island...cayman islands if i overheard it correctly.

then there was the other grandson whom i had a secret crush on a few years back, everybody noticed he had a new girlfriend with him who was wearing a wrap-around top on her barely-there anorexic body frame.

anyway, my new photoblogging passion is at this site : http://conniechiwa.buzznet.com/user/

please drop by when you feel like it and stare at the stuff that fill up my digicam.

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