the big O. (M.)

last night i got to meet the store's OM (operations manager). he came up to my register because i misled a customer into thinking they were getting their cash back for something they returned with a gift receipt. there he was, tall and business-like, with dark curly hair and intense eyes that lock yours in a gaze when he speaks to you. i thought he was just a sales associate just like i am. he shook my newly-lotioned hand (i just tried on bath and body work's winter candy apple lotion during my break, haha) and said his name was matt. he told me that i should have told the customers they were only getting a gift card for the same value of the jacket they returned. i apologized and said there's still a lot to learn for me.

he was so damn cute! that night, without meaning to, i had to call him to help me with certain transactions. the other managers weren't available. but my fantasies soon turned to dust when he went over to my register after helping me with a customer. this customer wanted to know the price on a pink shirt without a tag, so matt came over to find the most similar shirt of the same brand to use for a base price. afterwards, he said to me, jokingly, "i'm actually mad she got that cute pink shirt! i wanted to get it!"
*sound of my heart breaking into a million tiny pieces*

that statement could mean any of these:

1. he's GAY.
2. he wanted to get it for his girlfriend.
3. he wanted to get it for his boyfriend.
4. he's joking.
5. did i mention he might be GAY?

when i told my fellow sales associate about it, she said, "ooohh he's GAY. the cute ones are always gay."

to which i agreed, and added that if they weren't gay, they were either married or attached to a girlfriend.

ah well, seeing his handsome face will be something to look forward to at work, even if he's gay.

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