globe trekker wannabe

one of my favorite channels on cable is discovery travel & adventure. it's partly one of the reasons why we kept our cable subscription despite star mandarin leaving the channel line-up. one of my favorite shows is "globe trekker." after watching their travel shows, i felt a spark of envy well up inside me. these people are being paid to go to exotic and luxurious locations around the world! and they get to be on camera! i wanted to BE the lady in that "girl meets hawaii" show! they have the best jobs in the world!

and now i just found out that they're doing a search for the next globe trekker host--an "opportunity of a lifetime", their ad so enticingly announced. that lucky someone could be from the philippines, malaysia, singapore, taiwan and hongkong. the aspirant must send a 3-minute video of himself presenting his tourist destination of choice. deadline is on oct 11....i leave for new jersey on the 10th. [insert exasperated sigh here]

will i be globe trekker-worthy enough to be like ian wright, justine shapiro or megan mccormick? if i were to shoot a video of myself it would be of quiapo! in 3 minutes i'll squeeze in quiapo church, plaza miranda, the fortune tellers, the menstruation-inducing herbs and amulets against witchcraft, ma mon luk noodle house, the philippine souvenirs under the quiapo bridge, mercury drug widescreen (which i call quiapo "times square"), the pirated dvd stalls in arlegui st. and oh.....so many things to fit in three minutes!

i have a nasty cold, been sneezing all day. my only "adventure" today was having the van's battery die on me while i was turning on a small intersection. we had to push the van in the middle of traffic. even my mom exerted some pushing. turned out to be some loose connection in the battery. vehicular trouble-shooting is not my area of expertise...yet.

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