back from the valley

for the fifth time, i paid a visit to the shrine of our lady of piat in cagayan valley thursday night with three friends and my aunt. we got there the next day at about 10am (instead of 9am) because our bus suffered from a technical problem somewhere in isabela. we had to transfer to another bus. it's just so sad that this bus company was what we've been riding on whenever we go to piat. we had remained their loyal passengers for posterity's sake, but their service seemed to falter lately, nay, drastically devolved. true, their fare is much lower compared to the bigger names, but they shouldn't risk delaying their passengers to the agreed destination as a rule rather than the exception.

my first visit to piat was three years ago, with two of my friends who are now lawyers. back then, the chico river near tuao had to be crossed with a ferry barge. we got a free ride then, our tourist charms melting the hearts (hahah) of the locals. now, there is a bridge on that river, where my friends and i stopped for some picture-taking. the tricycle driver was kind to oblige our photo shoot request.

we boarded the 3pm bus to cubao at the tuao bus station. we took a different bus. my friend defended the higher fare by saying "we're paying for the comfort!" and comfortable the trip indeed was. we arrived at 4am in cubao today, right on schedule, amidst the drizzling rain. slept till 10am from tiredness. hey, nothing beats a comfy bed!

and later in the afternoon, i met up with three friends for a post-birthday swimming party. as the clubhouse pool was near closing time, a group of kids poured in, led by two dance choreographers to teach them to dance the cotillon. wow, and it's just for a 7-year-old's birthday party.

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