oh wow

i have a headache which i suspect is caused by the bottomless iced tea i had tonight at the buffet dinner inside intramuros' wow philippines. i've been wanting to visit this place again since i got here last may. i went with some relatives after visiting two cemeteries this afternoon with them--one in makati and another in paraƱaque.

although they featured northern mindanao this month at wow philippines, the whole thing didn't seem too spectacular as it used to be last year, when the department of tourism was under then secretary richard gordon. after all, it was his brainchild--this regional display at intramuros which made it a fun activity for families and friends. the place seemed to lack something now...seemed less enthusiastic and inviting. or maybe it's just me.

they have this small version of a "hanging bridge" inside the clamshell auditorium which i climbed. the scariest part was the vertical iron ladder, it didn't have side handles. they mostly had handcrafted native bags and knick-knacks for sale. didn't buy anything for myself.

i did buy my aunt this cute wooden mailbox with a stand from a handicraft store outside. if i had a digicam i would have posted it here but i don't. suffice it to say that it's a perfect complement for a garden, and it's useful because they don't have a mailbox. i have a thing for mailboxes. when i was younger, i made a mailbox out of a used rectangular cooking oil tin can, because i always got a lot of snail mail back then from different people and the mailman was my frequent visitor. well, they don't get much mail here, but the mailbox was just too darn cute. i'm such a geekazoid.

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