stress management

it was my friend's birthday today, so we had lunch at the "chocolate kiss cafe," one of the fancier--if not the fanciest--restaurants within the UP diliman campus. it's located in the bahay ng alumni building. i had the salisbury steak with mixed vegetables, then we had the triple treat chocolate kiss suite (three slices of three different cakes) for dessert. too bad we didn't have a tiny candle for a little cake-blowing ceremony.
afterwards, my birthday girl of a friend and i decided to attend a class called "stress management" out of curiosity, but for me i felt i needed it at this point in my life. we thought it was going to be a medical doctor giving the lecture, but instead it was a doctor of education specializing in counselling. she was funny though, and i guess part of her stress management objective was to make us laugh our tensed guts out. my friend thought the power point assistant was cute, and i thought so too, but i kept that to myself and only said "puede na sia" when asked of my opinion. haha.
we were asked to draw our interpretation of ourselves in a stressed state. then we were asked to group ourselves and talk about our personal "stressors" and how we cope with it. i dread group sharings, they remind me of group sharings in college theology class when we have to be mushy about personal stuff. but thankfully we didn't have to go through all that. and then we had to answer this "well being" quiz to basically find out if we're still sane. haha. here's what my scores reveal about me in different categories:

  1. depression- i have a tendency towards it.
  2. stress- i'm living a stress-free lifestyle. (hahaha. funny, somehow i don't feel relieved!)
  3. fatigue- i should think about getting more out of life. (now if i only had money....haha)
  4. age- it's beginning to bother me. (wherefore art thou romeo?)
  5. toxicity- be more health-aware. (i do read nutrition information labels on most food items)
  6. diet & weight control- i have some unhealthy eating habits. (don't look at me like i'm a criminal whilst i eat fishballs!)

in other news, thank heavens for angelo dela cruz's safe release!

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